Security Tips/Alert

The security and privacy of customer’s personal information is our top most priority. Our security has all the information to help you stay safe when you transact. Refer below for further information:

Sharing Your Credit Card Information Over Phone Is Just Like Giving The Key Of Your Locker To A Stranger.

Think Over It !!!!

Some valuable points to ponder to avoid misuse on your credit card:

  • Never keep your card insecurely in your pockets or bags.
  • Always keep your credit card at the same place in your wallet/purse so that you may notice immediately if it is lost/stolen/misplaced.
  • Never leave your credit card unattended under any circumstances.
  • Do not share credit card PIN with anyone including the family members.
  • Once PIN mailer has been received, memorize the PIN and destroy the mail.
  • Do not keep written record of your PIN in any form anywhere and never write it on your credit card.
  • Always ensure that merchant uses your card in your presence and ensure they do not write your card details. Please verify the returned card belongs to you.
  • Always call our helpline number if you have any suspicion that your card is lost, stolen or being misused.
  • Never divulge your credit card number/expiry date/PIN/CVV and your personal details to an e-mail soliciting for the same.
  • Never divulge your credit card number/expiry date/PIN/CVV and your personal details to any telephonic survey or telemarketing executive.
  • Never seek assistance of strangers while using your card at ATMs or POS.
  • Never share your card details with anyone (including the family members and closest friends) to attempt transaction on your behalf.
  • Never handover/return the consignment containing card back to the delivery boy once delivered to you under any circumstances.

Some simple steps can protect your card while you shop online:

  • Please signup up for the Verified by VISA and/or MasterCard Secure Code program(s).
  • Avoid shopping on such sites which allows transactions with basic details like Card Number and Expiration date only.
  • Look for Secure symbols like https:// or the icon which indicates that the site is secured.
  • Be careful do not update your account details in any pop-up window.
  • Always type the address of the site concerned directly in the browser bar, avoid accessing the site through links sent in e-mailers/other unsecured sites.
  • Beware of such offers that ask you to verify the confidential account details such as Credit Card Number, Expiration Date, CVV/CVC number etc.
  • Please ensure to log off from the website(s) after using it.
  • Do not close your browser directly. In case accessing online transaction thru Cyber cafe, ensure to clear the browser history and delete all temporary files/cookies at the end of the session so that your account information is removed.
  • While performing an IVR (Over phone) transactions please ensure that you are typing your credentials on an automated system.

Secured Transactions

Customers are advised to protect their cards, and their credentials; and do not share confidential personal information like Card number, Card Verification Value (CVV), Expiry date, PIN(s) or OTP (one time password) (setup to process online transaction) to any other person / third party (including subsidiaries, bank, and its officials). If the customer is disputing OTP enabled / ATM transactions’ which got processed after authenticating the PIN, it is considered as secured transactions. Customers would be fully liable for such transactions because such transactions’ considered as a secured method.

Unsecured Transactions

Customers are required to promptly report any fraudulent usage on their cards, so that the cards are blocked for further usage. This can be done by calling BOBCARD Limited helpline number (helpline number and timing will be provided here). Customers’ are advised to keep their personal information like mobile number & email address up to date with BOBCARD Limited to receive regular transactions alerts, it will help BOBCARD Limited also to reach out to the customers in-case of any suspicious activities.

Email Fraud

Several signs can help you determine if an email is legitimate or a spoof. Learn how to recognize and protect yourself from fraudulent emails asking for card information.

What is a spoof?

Spoof emails (also known as phishing or hoax emails) appear to be from well know companies. To bait you, an email may say there is an urgent situation concerning your card/ bank account, then asks you to click a link back to a spoof website to provide personal information. Even if you don't supply any information, just selecting the link, may enable fraudster to access your computer, record your keystrokes, and capture your passwords. Also, beware of spoof web forms that ask you to provide confidential information like; Date of Birth (DOB), PAN , Credit or Debit card number and bank account number etc. that a legitimate company would not ask the customer.

How to spot a spoof?

Sense of urgency - Messages claim your card/account will be closed or temporarily suspended, and warn you'll be charged if you don't respond urgently.
Spelling errors - There may be obvious spelling errors, which help spoof emails avoid spam filters.
Name & email address mismatch – At times, when a spoof email is received, name of the sender & email address do not match. It may say X name wherein email id suggests different name or company.

How to protect yourself?

Go there directly - The best way to get to any site is to type its address (URL) into your browser and then bookmark it.
Segregate Email Accounts - Create separate email accounts for personal and official activities. It is recommended to select email id with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate for Bank related communication. (URL should start with https:// and NOT http://).

For further assistance please call on our All India Toll Free Number 1800 225 100 or write to us at riskops@bobfinancial.com

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