Lost / Theft / Misuse of Card

  • Cardholder in such cases has to inform to the nearest BOBCard Area Office or at 1800 225 100 (All India Toll Free) and report the loss/theft of Credit Card so that the Card is blocked immediately.
  • Report loss to the police and collect a copy of the complaint / FIR and submit the same to the Company immediately.
  • In the event of misuse in "Card not lost” scenario, the cardholder has to file a FIR online to the local cyber crime cell of the State Police and send the copy of the same to the Company for record.
  • Cardholder will be liable for all transactions made on the Card until blocking of the card or receipt of the written confirmation along with a copy of the police complaint/FIR. The Cardholder’s liability would then be limited to Rupees 1,000/- only for all subsequent misused charges after receiving of the written confirmation about loss/theft Card.
  • If the Cardholder subsequently recovers the Card, the recovered Credit Card must not be used. Please destroy the Card by cutting into several pieces through the magnetic strip.
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  • Important Information - BoB Credit Cards are currently being issued for the billing cycles of 1st, 7th, 16th, 18th or 25th of every month, as per BOBCARD Limited discretion. The cardholder has a one-time option to change the existing billing cycle as available. Cardholder may write to crm@bobfinancial.com or contact us at our Toll Free Nos. 1800 2665 100 & 1800 2667 100 for a change in the billing cycle. By applying for a credit card, I authorize BOBCARD & its representatives to call me or SMS me with reference to my request. This consent will override any regristration for DNC / NDNC. I also understand providing credit card is at the sole discretion of the Company.
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