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Tracking your application is quite simple once you have applied for your BoB credit card.To check the status

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For any queries / complaints on your account, you can reach out us through our

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SMS Services

SMS Services


Now enjoy receiving BoB Credit Card account related services instantly on your registered mobile number, through
Instant SMS service. For example, in case you need to know your balance enquiry, simply send SMS BAL XXXX
to 9223172141 and instantly know your card balance.
So, what are you waiting for ? Save 9223172141 in your phone’s contact list now.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.1. What is Instant SMS Service?

Ans : The Instant SMS service lets you receive information related to your BoB Credit Card on an SMS. You only need to SMS KEYWORD (specified for your query) XXXX where XXXX = Last 4 digits of your BoB Credit Card number to 9223172141 from your registered mobile number.

Q.2. What are the kinds of services I can avail through the Instant SMS service?

Ans : The services that you can avail through Instant SMS service are listed below, along with the keywords you need to use:

  • Balance enquiry: SMS BAL XXXX
  • Block lost or stolen card: SMS BLOCK XXXX
  • Reward point summary: SMS REWARD XXXX
  • Last Statement summary : SMS STAT XXXX
  • To set Domestic Ecom Limit to Credit Limit : DOM XXXX
  • Last Payment Details : PAYMENT XXXX

Please note, for every SMS request that you send to 9223172141, there is a charge applicable as per your mobile tariff plan. This amount goes to your telephone operator and the SMS provider. BoB Credit Card does not charge you anything for this service. Please check with your operator to know more about the charges levied for this service

Q.3. Do I need Data Service/Internet/GPRS to access the Instant SMS service?

Ans : No, you do not need a Data Service/Internet/GPRS connection to use this service. You can avail this service from all mobile phones using the standard SMS service.

Q.4. Can I avail this service from any mobile number?

Ans : No, you cannot avail this service from any mobile number. To use this service, you must send your SMS only from the mobile number registered with us, against your BoB Credit Card.

In case your mobile number is not updated with us, you can update the same in 2 simple ways:

Q.5. I have just received my upgraded/replaced BoB Credit Card. Can I still fetch information about my old card?

Ans : If you have upgraded/replaced your BoB Credit Card, all details of your old card would have been migrated to your new card. You need to SMS query-specific KEYWORD XXXX, where XXXX will be last 4 digits of your new BoB Credit Card.

Q.6. How soon can my card be blocked once I send the request through Instant SMS service?

Ans : We will block your card the moment we receive your card block request through SMS. An instant block confirmation SMS will also be sent to you. If you do not receive a confirmation SMS from us within 5 minutes of your request, please do not consider the card to have been blocked. Please call up our Toll-free Helpline, and get your card blocked immediately in order to avoid any misuse or Log-in to your online card account at https://online.bobcards.com/ with your username and password.

IVR Services
No Hold, No Wait! Quick Solution 24*7 Support.

Our IVR self-service support on the toll free nos. 1800-266-5100 / 1800-266-7100 is always open for our Bank of Baroda Credit Card customers.

Self Service

1. Balance Enquiry

2. Card Block

3. Pin Generation/Reset

4. Last 3 Transactions

5. Card Status

You can also contact our help desk 24*7 support for assistance on other services like: Card Replacement, Loyalty Point Redemption, Post Purchase EMI booking.

Merchant Business (POS Machines)

Merchant Contact Centre

For queries/ request related to POS application status/ New Installations/ Additional installation/ POS machine Upgradation & Replacement/ Rent collection/ POS machine not working/ Paper Roll requirement, please email to posoperation@bankofbaroda.com.
For issues related to Transactions Payment/ Settlement/ Chargeback/ Risk Hold / Release, please email to me.ops@bobfinancial.com and call at 1800223225.
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  • Important Information - BoB Credit Cards are currently being issued for the billing cycles of 1st, 7th, 16th, 18th or 25th of every month, as per BOBCARD Limited discretion. The cardholder has a one-time option to change the existing billing cycle as available. Cardholder may write to crm@bobfinancial.com or contact us at our Toll Free Nos. 1800 2665 100 & 1800 2667 100 for a change in the billing cycle. By applying for a credit card, I authorize BOBCARD & its representatives to call me or SMS me with reference to my request. This consent will override any regristration for DNC / NDNC. I also understand providing credit card is at the sole discretion of the Company.
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